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Mining and Modeling Text: Interdisciplinary applications, informational development, legal perspectives (MiMo Text)

The acquisition of knowledge from large amounts of text and data which can no longer be handled by individuals is becoming increasingly important due to the possibilities of digitisation. For the humanities, this means in particular that digital full texts and rich metadata must not only be available, but must also be available in a form that promotes knowledge in the humanities.

The aim of the MiMoText project is therefore to establish an information network for the humanities fed from various sources, which, by making it available as Linked Open Data, is not only freely available and can be linked to other knowledge resources of the Semantic Web, but also offers innovative and efficient access possibilities to scientific information.

MiMoTextBase was built as part of the project “Mining and Modeling Text” (2019-2023). It is implemented using a Wikibase infrastructure and integrates various data from heterogeneous sources. Note that the project is ongoing and the contents and structure of the MiMoTextBase will continually be further developed.

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